Mini- Luminaria Ex de aluminio de Lumiglas® de la serie USL 05-EX

La mini luminaria Ex de aluminio de Lumiglas® de la serie USL 05-EX es pequeña pero eficaz. Baje la hoja de datos para ver más sobre las luminarias a prueba de explosión para puertos de visión.

Pequeña de tamaño y calificada a EEx d llc T3 hasta T6 para todas las clases de explosión, la luminaria de la serie USL05-EX es tan versátil como pudiera desear. La versión de puerto simple está configurada por incorporar la mirilla y la luminaria en un conjunto; la versión de puerto doble tiene la luminaria y la mirilla separadas. Dependiendo del tamaño de la mirilla, se puede usar el aparato soldable de mirilla circular de la serie DIN28120, brida de ANSI del tipo atornillado y con indicadores visuales de flujo.


Las luminarias Ex USL05 han sido aprobadas por Cenelec para clase llc para zonas 1 y 2 (todas clases de explosión) y son a prueba de polvo y chorro de agua hasta IP65, EN60598 y NEMA tipo 4. Puede usarse en prácticamente cualquier zona peligrosa y son aptas para el procesamiento de alimentos. La carcasa tiene una longitud de 5,5” y un diámetro de 2,75”. La tensión de alimentación puede ser de 12 VDC, 24 VDC, 120 VAC o 230 VAC.

Everything You Wanted to Know about Sight Glass Lighting

Lumiglas Luminaire Series USL 05-EX, USL 05-LED-Ex Explosion-Proof-logo-bold II 2G Ex d IIC T3/T4/T6/120°C II 2D Ex tD A21 IP67 T195/T130/T80/T120°C

For mounting on sight glass fittings:

This compact Explosion Proof sight glass luminaire is designed for universal applications in potentially explosive environments. It is ideal for use in combined sight and light-glass arrangements, either as a single flange version or with two separate flanged ports.

Compact yet powerful:

Glare-free illumination; for use with circular weld-type sight glass fittings to DIN 28120 or similar, Flange Bolt-Ons, weld-neck type sight glass fittings MV to DIN 11851, Sanitary Clamp Connections and Visual Flow Indicators.

Optimal design of threaded front lens ensures maximum light efficiency

Application: For illuminating the interior of tanks, hoppers, silos, agitators and other - normally closed - vessels and reactors as well as visual flow indicators in potentially explosive environments. Gas: Zones 1 and 2, Dust: Zones 21 and 22 Suitable for use in food processing industries.

Protection: IP 65 and IP 67 to DIN EN 60529

Operating conditions:

Independent of the internal pressure/vacuum in vessel. Under no circumstances should a sight glass luminaire be used to close a vessel port or replace the cover flange or the sight glass/ luminaire assembly.

Lumiglas luminaires of this series are approved for use in ambient temperatures of up to 60°C, depending on the lamp bulb fitted.

Technical data Ex protection:

This luminaire meets the essential safety and health requirements which comply with the regulations for:

a) Gas

EN 60079-0: 2006 General Requirements EN 60079-1: 2007 Flame-proof Enclosures Explosion group: IIC (includes IIA und IIB)

b) Dust

EN 61241-0: 2006 General Requirements EN 61241-1: 2004 Protection by Enclosures Temperature Class: T195/T130/T80/T120°C (depend. on wattage)

Certification: EC Type-Examination Cert. BVS 08 ATEX E 133 II

Explosion-Proof-logo-bold 2G Ex d IIC T3/T4/T6/120°C II 2D Ex tD A21 IP67 T195/T130/T80/T120°C

Voltage: Alternating/direct current, depending on lamp

Operating voltage:

Without integrated transformer:

12 V… Halogen lamp 5 W or 20 W 24 V… Halogen lamp 20 W 230 V… LED illuminant 4 W

With integrated transformer; PTC-protected:

120 V… Halogen lamp 12 V/5 W 230 V… Halogen lamp 12 V/5 W

Efficient lamp replacement thanks to threaded lens cover Connecting cable: Factory-fitted cable is resin-cast in screwed cable gland for pressure-tight cable entry. Lengths: 2 m (standard), 5 m or 20 m

Simple installation by means of special mounting bracket.

Type USL 05-Ex fits the following nominal sizes:

- Circular sight glass fittings to DIN 28120 size DN25 and larger - ANSI/DIN Bolt-On size 2”/DN25 and larger - Weld-Neck type MV (DIN11851) size DN65 and larger - Sanitary Clamp Connection size 1” and larger - Visual Flow Indicators size 1” and larger Dimensions and Connection Data for Lumiglas Luminaire type USL 05-EX


Parts, Construction and Materials: - Luminaire body: Corrosion resistant die cast aluminium, G-al si 10 Mg - Cable gland: Pressure tight resin cast (potted) cable tail, 6.5 ft.,siemens 4GMh4G-J 3 x 1,5 mm2 - Ground terminals: Connected inside housing; extra ground terminal outside on housing - Lens: Bonded unit of aluminium ring and glass, Viton sealing - Hinged Bracket; stainless steel with M6 bolt - Weight: 1.5 lb. (2 lbs. with built-in transformer) 02-0200-usl05-led-ex-002 02-0200-usl05-led-ex-003
Item Lumiglas Luminaire Model USL05-Ex Net Volt Internal Transformer Halogen Lamp Temperature calss at max. ambient temp.
Socket Voltage part no. G 40°C D 40°C G 60°C D 60°C
1 (12 V) 5 W 12 ≅ No G4 12 V/5 W 05E0-A1ANANON T6 T80°C T4 T130°C
2 (120 V/12 V) 5 W 120∼ Yes G4 12 V/5 W 05E0A3ANANON T6 T80°C T4 T130°C
3 (230 V1/12 V) 5 W 230∼ Yes G4 12 V/5 5 05E0-A4ANANON T6 T80°C T4 T130°C
4 (12 V) 20 W 12≅ No G4 12 V/20 W 05E0-A1CNANON T4 T130°C T3 T195°C
5 (24 V) 20 W 24≅ No G4 24 V/20 W 05E0-A2CNANON T4 T130°C T3 T195°C
6 (230 V) 4 W-LED 230≅ No GZ10 230 V/4 W 05E0-A4KNANON - - T6 T80°C